BioTectum Classic Neo

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Total Safety

CE declaration of conformity

TUV Rheinland certificate

Compliance with the standard EN 12469/2002

Currently, this line of BioTectum laminar chambers is represented by one model with a working width of ≈ 950mm. The units in this series, unlike the Classic line, are equipped with two electronically commutated motors, have a higher working space height and an interior made of stainless steel and tempered glass, which gives the products exceptional elegance while maintaining all the required safety features for use.


  • Type of construction - DIN 12980; EN 12469:2002
  • Marking - CE
  • Number of motors - 2-3 electronically commutated motors
  • Class of main and exhaust filter - at least HEPA H14 with 99.995% efficiency for particles ≥ 0.3 µm
  • Work area material - stainless steel acid resistant grade 1.4301, AISI/ASTM 304
  • Material of tops and V-shaped air inlets - stainless steel acid resistant grade 1.4404, AISI/ASTM 316 L
  • Housing material - steel sheet covered with powder paint 
  • Front window material - tempered safety glass not permeable to UV radiation
  • Style elements color - vermilion RAL 2002
  • Sound pressure level - 37 - 48 dB (depending on the model and mode of operation)
  • Mechanical vibration - EN ISO 5349 ≤ 0.005 mm
  • Illumination intensity - 800 to 1700 lux (depending on the model and the light source used)
  • Power supply - 1N 230V/50 Hz
  • Protection of electrical outlets - 10 A
  • Electrical power consumption - on average about 140 W (SUSPEND mode without lighting 34 W)
  • Width - approximately 1300; 1650; 1950 mm
  • Depth - approximately 800 mm
  • Height with frame - about 2100 to 2170 mm + 30 mm
  • Height to worktop - 735; 785 mm + 30 mm
  • Width - approximately 1200; 1500; 1800 mm
  • Height - approximately 720 mm
  • Depth - approximately 600 mm

Safety & Security

As standard, BioTectum-branded equipment comes with a full suite of features that affect operational safety and operator protection.

Minimum H14 class main and exhaust filter with 99.995% efficiency for particles ≥ 0.3 µm
Automatic digital compensation of air velocity in the chamber and at the outlet, depending on changing operating conditions, for example, due to gradual clogging of filters
Digital sensors continuously measure airflow velocities
Visual and acoustic alarms immediately notify of any deviation from the required parameters
System self-diagnostics
Remote diagnostics of chamber settings
A mode that keeps the chamber in continuous operation while reducing energy consumption
Automatic disinfection of surfaces by misting (DSAM). Automation of the process consists of the ability to carry out the entire process (DSAM) without the presence of a human being, and thus without posing a risk to the user


Biotectum sets new standards for laminar chambers by combining the highest quality components of their features in terms of performance, function and design.

Two electronically commutated motors from ebm papst ensure low power consumption and low heat and noise emissions
Front window electrically movable and placed at an angle to the work surface
Chamber sides glazed, solid (optional)
Fluorescent or LED white light source (800 ÷ 1700) lux depending on the version with intensity control
Lighting elements located outside the work chamber area
Media connections placed on top of the chamber which allows the chamber to be squatted against walls and other laboratory equipment
Front glass with the possibility of tilting on gas cylinders which makes it easy to clean its inner surface
Permanently mounted UV lamp
Bowl of acid-resistant stainless steel class 1.4301 placed under the worktop
Work surface and V-shaped air inlet in stainless steel type 1.4404, AISI/ASTM 316 L
Interior of work area made of acid-resistant stainless steel type 1.4301, AISI/ASTM 304 and tempered glass
Forearm armrest mounted along the entire length of the work area with a built-in gasket for precise closing of the front windshield